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Quality service for your needs

At 3T’s Lawn Services, LLC, our team of experienced lawn care professionals combine their years of experience, training, and close attention to detail, in order to provide our customers with quality mowing services, leaf removal, garden edging, tree pruning and landscape design services.
With a wide range of services, we specialize in the following:


Proper mowing and irrigation allow grass to grow quickly, preventing weed from growing. Our lawn service provides the best finish for your lawn!


Our landscape edging will add a nice touch to your outdoor environment. It gives your landscape a nice look without the high maintenance. We provide you a range of alternatives for your requirements!

Leaf Removal and Mulching

Let us rake, blow or haul leaves for you! Our professionals will clean your lawn, deck and walks! Besides mulching leaves, we can also dress up your gardens and flower beds.

Weed Control

We know how frustrating weeds in your lawn are. They don’t just make your outdoor look unsightly, they also compete with your plants for space and nutrients. From weed removal, leaf blowing, edging to mowing, we are ready to treat your lawn!


The right tree planting is necessary to establish the tree. If you are not experienced to grow a tree, allow us to do the planting for you. We personalize our planting services according to your needs.

Hedge Trimming

Our hedge trimming will keep your lawn tidy and under control! Our professional trimmers are known for their precision and attention to details. We stand by our cutting edge equipment to add value to your outdoors.

Weed Eating

Leave the tedious and dirty job to us! We offer you low maintenance alternatives as we get rid of the trimming part!

Lawn Sod

We create the perfect setting for your coffee table or kid’s playground with our lawn sod service. We have been installing lawn sod for over ten years so you are assured of a beautiful and well organize lawn!

Landscape Design

Our home landscape design maximizes your space and bring out the beauty of your outdoors! We listen to your ideas to come up with designs that will improve your home’s overall aesthetics!

Tree Pruning (under 25ft)

Add more value to your property with our tree pruning services! If your tree grows some aggressive branches that obstruct the views, let 3T’s Lawn Services, LLC ease your trouble!